Our vision

To lower combined ratios, globally


Gigaforce brings industry-leading innovation to simplify subrogation and deliver the greatest value to insurance providers by maximizing recoveries and preventing future losses.

Tech vision

To subrogate or not to subrogate

That is no longer the question 

We think of ourselves as accountable for lowering your combined ratio. Why? Our solution reduces incurred losses and expenses, maximizes recoveries, and delivers greater insight to help you better assess risk and prevent future losses. We built our platform to quickly and accurately score claims, identify subrogation recovery potential, easily integrate and unify all parties involved, provide maximum data security, and streamline the entire process with minimal disruption to your business. 

We make subrogation simple and impossible to ignore.

Our values


We believe passionately in innovation and will always challenge the status quo



We are experts and care about the value our products and services bring to our customers, demanding quality, and precision in everything we design and implement



We are transparent and honest in our relationships, both internally and with our partners and customers


We deliver on our promises and do not believe in excuses



One of our main strengths lies within our deep insurance knowledge and determination to continually meet and exceed the business needs of our customers



We believe to stay ahead and provide unparalleled services and innovation to our customers, we are always learning and delivering what's never been done before

Simplifying subrogation with more than 75 years of combined industry and InsurTech experience

Gigaforce Leadership


Sanjeev Chaudhry

Co-Founder & CEO

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Rajeev Rawat

Co-Founder & CPO

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Kevin May

Chief Strategy Officer

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Amit, Chief Architect

Amit Jain

Chief Architect

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Darin, SVP Global Sales

Darin Yeomans

SVP Global Sales

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