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Gigaforce awarded as top global technology startup in 2023 by TiE50

Lower your combined ratio

Recover funds ultra fast and improve profitability with an intelligent platform powered by predictive modeling and distributed ledger technology

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation

The intelligence of our technology and centralized communications center enable straight-through processing of subrogated claims tailored to your business rules and negotiation needs. 

Ultrafast and secure

Ultrafast & secure

Our platform offers maximum protection by allowing real-time data exchange and storage across a shared and protected network of systems. And you won't be required to share any data you aren't already sharing today.

Open ecosystem

Open Ecosystem

Connected to a vast and flexible third-party vendor ecosystem with prebuilt integrations, our technology connects every party giving a 360 degree view across the entire subrogation experience.

Faster resolution of claimsIncrease customer satisfaction

Our technology enables efficient subrogation handling, faster resolution of claims, and expedited deductible recovery for your policyholders.

Increase customer satisfaction in subrogation

Intelligent negotiationsDeliver a frictionless experience

Our platform automates subrogation negotiations, enables data-driven settlement decisions, and prevents unnecessary arbitration based on historical negotiation insight.

Prevent extra-contractual losses

Prevent extra-contractual losses

When subrogated claims reveal information on faulty products and appliances that could result in future damage, our technology uses that insight to proactively alert frontline adjusters and underwriters allowing your company to preserve the integrity of the scene and prevent future losses. Our platform is also integrated with third-party sources to identify trending info and product recalls giving you the strongest frontline and bottom-line defense.

12.5% average claim severity reductionTechnology accountable for lowering combined ratios

Settlement predictability Intelligent claim scoring

AI/ML technology enables accurate identification of subrogation opportunities through structured and unstructured data.

Intelligent subrogation claim scoring
Subrogation settlement optimization

Maximized recoveriesSettlement optimization

Our vast collection of settlement negotiations, historical trends, third-party data sources, and subrogated claim insights power our proprietary AI/ML/NLP technology to enable accurate settlement decisions and mitigation of unnecessary arbitration. With GIGAFORCE, you're entire organization benefits from lower costs, intelligently automated subrogation workflows, and recovery maximization.

Exceptional ease-of-usePlatform personalization

The flexibility and configurability of our technology allows you to easily personalize the experience to meet your subrogation needs and business rules.

subrogation platform personalization
Subrogation open ecosystem

25% or more operational efficienciesEmbedded workflow

Our pre-built workflows create
operational efficiency and can be easily
integrated into your existing claims
management system. 

Intelligent negotiationsIncrease customer satisfaction

Our technology enables efficient subrogation handling, faster resolution of claims,
and expedited deductible recovery for your policyholders.

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